Welcome Teachers!

Below are Rocket’s Common Core standards based lesson plans for TK to 2nd grade which align with Rocket’s Sense of Safety & Beyond! Activity Book. Teaching a mindset for safety is our common goal to help children avoid serious injury to and from school, in the community, or at home. Engaging their 6 senses help them make smart decisions every day!


Click on each image below for Lesson, I Can statement and certificate:

I Can Cross the Street Safely

Crossing the Street Safely

I Can Locate Exits

Locate Your Exits

I Can Recognize Bullying

Be Kind – Don’t Bully

I Can Find Safe Places

Find Safe Places & People

I Can Name My Senses

6 Senses

I Can Dial 9-1-1

Dial 9-1-1

I Can Stay With My Buddy

Stay With Your Buddy

I Can Get Away From Danger

Get Away from Danger

I Can Stay Safe

Keeping You Safe

I Can Share My Feelings

Share Feelings

I Can Name and Recognize Landmarks

Name Landmarks

I Can Wash My Hands

Wash Your Hands

I Can Keep My Hands To Myself

Keep Your Hands to Yourself

I Can Look Left Right Left