Using Your 6 Senses to Stay Safe Every Day
To and From School, at Home and in the Community

Making Smart Decisions to Avoid Dangerous Situations

Welcome LAUSD Teachers to the Sense of Safety & Beyond! TOOLKIT.

How to get started with your TOOLKIT:

  • Click the Sense of Safety & Beyond! Activity Book for the pdf to view all of the subjects.
  • Click the Teacher Lessons (below) and select a lesson that compliments the Activity Book (e.g. 9-1-1, Crossing the Street)
  • Each Lesson contains: vocabulary, I can statements, a 15 minute safety lesson, and a student completion certificate
  • At the bottom of this page are many resources, including: Rocket’s 5 minute “USE Y0UR SENSES” animated video; Rocket posters for your class; a parent letter

Thank you for joining Rocket’s team!

Together, let’s give our kids a Sense of Safety!

Rocket’s Sense of Safety & Beyond! Activity Book helps students (TK-2) make smart split-second decisions every day by using their senses

Teacher Lessons

Teacher Lessons: TK to 2, Academic lessons meeting common core standards, and more!

RocketLive! Program

ZOOM LIVE WITH ROCKET into your classroom (K-2) for a fun interactive safety lesson.
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Rocket teaching LIVE lesson in the classroom.

Rocket teaching LIVE lesson in the classroom.

Watch Rocket’s fun animated videos below to support and introduce the lessons.

6 Senses
Crossing the Street Safely, Left-Right-Left
Dial 9-1-1 -- Keeping You Safe
Find Safe People and Places
Locate Your Exits
Know Your Landmarks, Stay With a Buddy
Share Your Feelings
Keeping Your Hands to Yourself

Use Rocket’s Sense of Safety & Beyond! Activity Book and Teaching Guide together to help students make smart split second decisions by using their 6 senses.

Rocket Video
Use Your Senses cover

Enjoy ROCKET’S VIDEO and fun STORYBOOK featuring Rocket using his senses to stay safe!


Click here for a complete list of Rocket’s Safety Certificates for each lesson completed.
Sign it and have your kids take it home to proudly share with their family!

Rocket Wristband

Your Safety Superstars can proudly wear these fun WRISTBANDS at school and at home!
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Sense of Safety Poster
Safety Superstars! Poster

Display Rocket’s Posters!
Print an 8x10 inch for each student, or a 2x3 foot poster for your classroom!

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