Entertaining and instructional, Rocket shares

important life saving tips for the whole family.

Rocket Rules Introduction

Rocket Rules - #1 Be Prepared

Rocket Rules - #2 Stay Calm

Rocket Rules - #3 Follow the Plan

Rocket Rules - #4 Stay in Your Safe Zone

Rocket Rules - #5 Call For Help

Staying Safe During a Fire

Staying Safe in an Earthquake

Staying Safe in a Dangerous Situation

Rocket Safety Sing-Along

Earn Your Spots

Floods can be scary. Learn how to stay safe!

Stay Safe During A Hurricane

Rocket Rules Introducción

Rocket Rules - #1 Prepárate

Rocket Rules - #2 Mantén la Calma

Rocket Rules - #3 Sigue el Plan

Rocket Rules - #4 Quédate en tu Zona Segura

Rocket Rules - #5 Pide Ayuda

Gana Tus Machas

Manteniéndose a Salvo en un Terremoto

Mantenerse Seguro Durante un Incendio

Mantenerse Seguro en el Caso de un Intruso Peligroso