“Rocket’s Rules for Safety provides an excellent foundation for youth first learning about emergencies and how to keep themselves safe. It’s important that families start these conversations early, and this program provides a fun and memorable way to introduce emergency preparedness to our nation’s most vulnerable.”

James Lee Witt, Former Director of FEMA and National Safety Expert

“Rocket’s Rules are clear, concise and they’re the tools children and families need to get a better outcome in any emergency. This program is such an amazing asset to our community.”

Jan Harnik, Mayor Palm Desert

“As a school principal, we often find ourselves entrenched with getting our students academically prepared for the next grade level. But first and foremost on my mind is students’ safety. Unfortunately I don’t have the opportunity to teach students about personal safety and emergency preparedness on a regular basis. So having a program like Rocket Rules, that prepares students and gives them the skills and the strategies to respond to an emergency is essential. It gives me the confidence that my students not only know what to do in an event, but can teach their families as well.”

Todd Biggert, Principal Herbert Hoover Elementary, California

“As a 39-year veteran of the Los Angeles Fire Department, I’ve seen firsthand the ramifications of not being prepared for a fire or other emergency. There are multitudes of educational programs across the country, but a scarce few target young children, our most vulnerable population. Rocket’s educational material are spot-on in their content, and more importantly are designed in a manner that will facilitate the understanding and remembering the vital steps to emergency preparation, undoubtedly helping to save someone’s life.”

Joseph Castro, Chief Deputy Los Angeles Fire Department Commander

“The Rocket Rules approach is impeccably informed and wildly effective at exciting children about the important topic of preparedness. This timely program honors the work of our nation’s first responders by sparking children’s imaginations to follow in their footsteps. My hats off for a job well done, but far from over.”

Dennis S. Mileti, Ph.D., Professor Emeritus, University of Colorado Boulder

“Rocket’s Rules for Safety will definitely pay big dividends in the future because we can never be sure when an emergency’s going to occur. Unfortunately, as in the national and global news recently, disasters occur all too frequently. The fact that our students are being educated in what to do when that event occurs is literally a life saver.”

Scott Bailey, Superintendent Desert Sands Unified School District

“Rocket Rules is an exceptional tool to prepare our children, the leaders of tomorrow, about Emergency Preparedness. It is a fascinating experience to personally watch the children listen to Rocket and react to the conversation. The printed material conveys the same message in a fun and informative manner. Thanks Rocket for your contribution.”

Ted Weill, Council member, Rancho Mirage